Watching birds at Wheelabrator Wildlife Refuge

Bird Quest is Back!

Join us Saturday, May 1, 2021

Celebrating 21 years of BirdQuest!

WHAT is Gloucester County Bird QUEST?

  • A way to discover Gloucester County’s parks and natural areas.
  • A way to discover the unique birds that live in and migrate through our region.
  • A chance to learn how to identify birds by sight, sound, behavior, and habitat.
  • A chance to have fun with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • A fun morning outdoors.
  • A light-hearted competition.


  • Teams or individuals have 5 hours on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 (7 AM to Noon) to visit sites of their choice.
  • For 2021, we are not limiting site locations to Gloucester County. Feeder watches are also acceptable.
  • We will have 7 pre-Quest training sessions in April to help your birding skills.
  • After you’ve finished birding on May 1st, you will return to this website to fill out your registration and bird checklist. However, you can still print out a paper checklist for use in the field.


  • We are not distributing T-Shirts, so there is no cost to participate.
  • There will be no in-person gathering at a central location as in past years. Instead, we plan to hold a virtual gathering at about 1 PM on May 1st.
  • You will complete the registration and bird checklist on this website on the day of the event, to avoid the need to return a piece of paper to us.
  • Be sure to check the updated official rules. We are discouraging carpooling, and encouraging social distancing and masking to protect everyone’s health.


  • No matter where you are, wooded parks and waterways are great places to start.
  • Look at the Cornell eBird website and mobile app to find the “hot spots” in your area.
  • Check our Locations page for specific suggestions around Gloucester County.
Cover of Natural Places of Gloucester County book

The club’s newly-revised “Natural Places” book can guide you to 35 publicly-accessible natural areas around the county, many of which are good bird habitats. Find out where to buy it.

Bird Quest is sponsored by the Gloucester County Nature Club, a private, non-profit organization of people who share a common interest, curiosity, and love of the natural world.